The search engine is changing its algorithm frequently. It affects your search engine ranking also. However, some fundamental principle remains unchanged like targeting the main keyword to improve the ranking.

With many SEO techniques, it’s become difficult to determine which one to consider and which one to be safely ignored. Below some are the tips that will boost your ranking and drive you more traffic.

1) Remove the things that slow down your website
Slow webpage frustrates the user and it makes them leave the site. It will increase your bounce rate and affects your ranking. Page speed is vital both for the user and the search engine. If you want more people to come to your website and generate more targeted leads you there is a huge demand for the speed.

10years ago Google includes site speed in its algorithm as a main ranking factor. This means that if your website loads slowly you are losing the top of organic results. To make your website loads fast get rid of the non-essential things that slow down your web page.

2) Link to other relevant websites
Most people think that inking out to the other pages is bad because it takes people off your page. Link building is a fundamental part of search engine optimization strategy. If you link to the other quality sources it will help your readers. According to the SEO experts if you link to the other trustworthy website it will make your site more valuable resource.

3) Write for the user first
Don’t get confused over the actual humans and the search engine reading your work. Write content for your user. People who focus only on the credit card and tractions – they don’t engage with them, they won’t be successful in getting the results that they want.

4) Build backlinks
Inbound links are the most essential part of SEO.
The combination of Do follow and No follow links will give you the natural profile. Google will reward you for the same. Content marketing is all about creating quality, engaging content that urges the other to link to your website. Create useful content and you will get the links that boost your ranking.

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